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  • The "Graflex" from Ep5 (ESB), Luke's inspired lightsaber by 89 Sabers. 


    • This saber is available "empty" (just the hilt with no blade and no electronics), with the Proffieboard 3.9, or with a kyber crystal chamber (comes with a Proffieboard 3.9 and all accessories). 


    • When an order is placed, a confirmation email is automatically sent. If you placed an order and don't see the confirmation email, please check your spams.

    • Please note that the time set when you chose the delivery option is for transport only. Orders usually take 2 to 20 working days to be prepared and sent, plus the shipping time.

    Graflex ESB

    PriceFrom €270.00
    Excluding VAT
    • 780g (empty)

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