Our lightsabers come with a one year warranty. It starts from the day of the purchase, goes on for 365 days and covers defects in original materials and original workmanship.


This product is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Children under the age of 15 should be supervised by an adult. Don’t hit anybody with the lightsaber. Be responsible for your acts. Be respectful to others. Always use included charging accessories. Voltage : always at a maximum of 5V 1A. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a fire hazard, damage electronics and will void your warranty. Any modifications, or damages done to your lightsaber, will void your warranty.


The hilt and the blade come separately inside the box to prevent any damage during delivery. Please note that before any use of your lightsaber, it is important to fully charge the battery. Let it charge for a straight 8 hours.

Most of our lightsabers have a connector directly on the hilt. But other models such as “LK-83” or “OB-77”, have the recharge port inside the chassis, you need to remove the pommel in order to access this port.

Other models such as GFX-1, AH-SK (shoto), RY-19 and VD-80, don’t have a recharge port. You have to unscrew the handle and remove the battery, then place it in the appropriate charger, sent with your order.

When the battery is fully charged, you can insert the blade, or plug inside the hilt. For the Master and Exile series, be sure that the blade makes contact with the pogo-pins inside the chassis. Screw the blade firmly to the hilt with all the retention screws. Not too strong either as you don’t want to brake the screws or the blade, but firmly enough so the blade is not able to move inside the hilt. 


a hilt, two if you have ordered a double bladed lightsaber
a blade, two if you have ordered a double bladed lightsaber
a charging cord / device depending on the model you have ordered
an allen key or any needed tools for your saber
screws to tighten the blade inside the hilt
extra depending on the models, they may come with extra control box cards, buttons, rings or shims.



This is a replacement control box card (plate on the button) on our LK-83, OB-77, VD-80 and GFX-1 models.

It is totally optional and up to you to change it if you want to customize your saber. This is not a chip or a board.


These “rings” or shims, are meant to be placed in between two parts of your hilt if you want to change the alignement of these two parts.

It is totally optional and only fit on a few models. 




For 1” blades and plugs.

Can be replaced with hilts connector for two bladed lightsabers. (on specific models only

(hidden inside the hilt on specific models

RECHARGE PORT (hidden inside the hilt on specific models)

Grip or Strap can be added

Can be added here (on specific models only)


In order to prevent any damages during transport, we separate the blade from the hilt in the package. When you receive your lightsaber, after the battery is fully charged, you can assemble the blade and the hilt. 

If you ordered a saber with a Xenopixel or a Proffie soundboard, make sure that the blade is in contact with the pins inside the emitter before you fasten the screws. Be sure that your saber is OFF while doing so. 



Insert the blade inside the hilt on the emitter end, fasten the screws, strong enough to secure the blade, but not too strong to prevent damages.



The process is the same as with the 1" blade. If your hilt is made for 1" blades but still want to mount a 7/8 blade, you need to place an adapter at the bottom end of the blade. 


As mentioned before, some of our lightsabers don't have a charging port on the hilt. Our LK-83 and OB-77 models have their charging port inside the hilt. 

To access the charging port, unscrew and remove the pommel. There you will see the the USB-C port. Plug in your saber with the cable you received with your saber, then plug the other end of the cable to your computer, or phone charger. 

Always use the charging devices that come with your order. If there are no charging devices inside the package, please contact us. We will send you a new one right away. Don't try using other devices. Any damages caused by the use of wrong charging devices will void your warranty. 


Other lightsabers such as the GFX-1, or the VD-80 models are a little bit more tricky. In order to access the battery, you need to remove the button plate (slide it down), unscrew the screw under the plate, remove the button plot, then unscrew the handle (lower part).


You can now access the battery. It is possible that the button part prevents the battery to properly get out. If so, remove the button part by sliding it down. 


Remove the battery and place it inside the charger you have received with your order. Be careful to ALWAYS check the polarity when placing the battery in the charger and inside the lightsaber. 



My saber started sounding weird, it crackles or the sound goes off.

Don’t worry, your lightsaber isn’t broken. This sound only means your battery is running low and needs to be recharged.

I have charged my lightsaber several hours but it still does the same.

No wories. Again, your lightsaber is fine. It’s unusual but may occur from time to time, with transport, or if you do dueling, the battery might have moved a little in the chassis. Unscrew the pommel/bottom part of your saber to access the battery, remove the battery and place it back.

This should have solved the problem. It usually solves many issues you might encounter with your saber.

If your lightsaber has a SD Card, and if this didn’t solve the problem, do it again but this time, remove the SD card too, wait a minute, place it back in, place your battery back in. You’re all set.

My saber won’t ignite anymore and all I hear is a beep (Proffie).

No worries, you’ve just entered volume changing mode. You activated it by pressing/holding the button and gave a little kick in the hilt. That is the trick to enter this mode. Each time you hit the button, the beep will either decrease or increase. Once you’ve reached the volume you want, or if you want to exit this mode press/hold the button again and hit the hilt with your other hand. This will save your setting and exit volume changing mode.

Please note that we always double check your sabers before sending them. When we assemble them, again when we pack them. They are strong products and are unlikely to break. They are designed to handle shocks.

Most of the issues you might encounter are either minor issues that can be very easily solved, or a simple misunderstanding of how to handle the saber. It does take time to get familiar with a lightsaber.

They are complexe items with several functions and only one button, it’s common to enter a mode without knowing it. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will gladly answer you.