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  • This is AE-RY, designed by Endor Lightsaber, developped in collaboration with lightsaber spin artist Aeryaa. This saber is designed for lightsaber spin, or lightsaber flow. It is more than 46 cm long and features a rubber handle for a better grip.


    This saber comes with a RGB stunt core and a round-tip blade. It has no sound features, infinite colors and flash on clash effect. 


    This saber comes with a 92 cm stunt blade.


    • When an order is placed, a confirmation email is automatically sent. If you placed an order and don't see the confirmation email, please check your spams.


    • Please note that the time set when you chose the delivery option is for transport only. Orders usually take 2 to 20 working days to be prepared and sent, plus the shipping time.


    175,00 €Prix
    Hors TVA
    • 460 mm

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