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  • This is a rechargeable, 18650 3.7v 3500mah 15A High Drain PCB Protected Wired Lithium Ion Battery from Keeppower. It has a "button" style top, PCB.


    Everybody will tell you in the community, these batteries are amoung the best for neopixel lightsabers. Pictures may differ from actual products.


    *The pictures show 2 batteries but this is not a lot, when you place an order for 1 battery, you will receive 1 battery. 


    • Protected Circuit Built-in against over charge, over discharge, over current and short-circuit

    • Size : 18,8 x 69,0 mm (DxL)

    • Weight : 48g

    • Nominal Capacity : 3500 mAh / Minimal Capacity : 3350mAh

    • Standard Charge Current: 1000mA

    • Voltage ; 3.7V

    • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: : 2,5V

    • Standard Charge Voltage: 4,2V

    • Max. Constant Discharge Current: 8A

    • Standard Charging Time: 240 minutes

    • Certification: CE

    • Cell & IC made in Japan / Assembled in China

    BATTERY KEEPPOWER 18650 3500 mAh

    18,00 €Prix
    Hors TVA
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