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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in France.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship worldwide. Depending on your location, shipping prices may increase.
  • Why isn't shipping free like other brands?
    Well to be honest, no brand offers free shipping. When a brand advertises "free shipping", they in fact include the shipping price in the product's final price. We opted not to do that for the sake of transparency and honesty towards our customers. This way the customer can understand how we set our prices and understand the part that goes to the shipping company.
  • Why is shipping expensive?
    We don't set the shipping prices but rather apply the shipping prices provided by the shipping companies we work with. It is important to aknowledge the fact that all our shippings are insured and have tracking services. Those options increase the shipping costs but are mandatory for a proper delivery service.
  • How are shipping charges calculated?
    When you place an order, our system automatically defines the shipping charges based on your location, the volumetric weight of the goods and of course, the shipping method you chose.
  • How long does it take for my order to arrive?
    Order usually take 10-20 working days to be dealt with and 1-10 working days for the transport (depending on your location).
  • I find shipping times a little long compared to other companies
    We don't do stocks. We have pieces and parts we assemble in advance, but we opted to make or sell each lightsaber according to orders influx. This may take a little bit longer than other companies that do stock goods but we opted for that solution because: 1- we don't have the place to stock hundreds of goods 2- we don't believe in such business direction, it is not viable, either to the economics nor for the environement 3- this allows us to provide a special care to each of the pieces we handle 4- it reduces the risks of bankruptcy
  • How do I track my order?
    Once your order is ready, you will automaticaly receive an email with your tracking numbers.
  • Where do your products depart from?
    All our products depart from France.
  • Will I pay a custom fee?
    If you are located in Europe, there won't be any custom fees. All our products depart from France. If you are located ourside of Europe, it is possible that a custom fee will be asked in order for you to receive the goods. Custom fees are to be paid by the customer.
  • How are local import taxes handled?
    All import duties and taxes (if applicable) will be covered by the recipient of the shipment. The recipient will receive a notification from the shipping company if the shipment has been held by customs. Full payment for any imposed duties or taxes will be required for clearence.
  • How are payments handled?
    Every transaction is handled securely through PayPal and Stripe (online payment services) where all major credit cards and payment methods are accepted, and where your money is protected.
  • I received a damaged product
    First of everything, please check your package and its content with the delivery person. It is important before accepting a package from a shipping company to insure that the package and its content are in good conditions. If that is not possible and you notice a damage product please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with all informations available, your order's number, full name and address, your tracking number and pictures of the products and its damages. The faster we are aware of the situation, the better we can assist you. All our deliveries have insurance but in any case we need to make a reclamation as soon as possible.
  • Do your product have a warranty?
    According to the European regulations, our products come with a 2 years warranty. It starts from the day of the purchase and goes on for 730 days. It covers defects in original materials and original workmanship. Please keep in mind that any modifications to your lightsaber will void your warranty. Any use of improper charging device or battery will void your warranty. Any damages applied to your lightsaber will void your warranty.
  • My warranty is over and my lightsaber is having some issues.
    Please contact us, we can have a look and together decide for a reparation at a reasonable range of prices.
  • Is it possible to return a product?
    Yes it is, according to European and French regulations, any order can be returned but must be done within 14 days. Once the package has been returned and has arrived, we will check the goods and send you a full refund. Returns must be sent at the customer's cost. Please contact us and we will provide the address. Caution, Returns only happen if your lightsaber is unused and in the exact same conditions as when you received it. We do not accept returns if you have damaged or modified your lightsaber. We do not accept returns if you have charged your saber with other devices than what we provided you. ​ If you have any further questions, please contact us.
  • I placed an order but didn't get a confirmation email
    When you place an order, our system automatically sends a confirmation email. If you didn't see the confirmation email, the first thing is to look into the spams. It is alos possible that your anti-malware blocks such emails, if that's the case, you will need to check your software settings.
  • I didn't receive a user guide or instruction
    We opted not to send paper user guides or instructions anymore. They can be lost, damaged, and it is not relevant with the actual environment situation. Therefore you will always be able to find our instructions on our website, in the USER GUIDE section.
  • Are your lightsabers of good quality?
    All our lightsabers are made out of metal. Wether it is 6360 Aluminium (Aerospace, bike frames...), Steel, Brass... This means our products are very robust and reliable.
  • Do you design all your products?
    We do design a lot of our products but we also resell products from famous brands such as 89Sabers, Nexus Sabers (LGT).
  • Are your products made in France?
    Our EXILE series are fully designed in France, and made in France and/or Europe (our hilts are usually made in partnership with Origin Sabers, while we work with Xometry for the chassis parts). Our MASTER series are mostly made in China, or built in France with generic parts. Our APPRENTICE series are designed in France, and can be both made in China or made in France.
    • The Apprentice series regroup all our stunt lightsabers (spin sabers for lightsaber spinning or lightsaber flow, and combat lightsabers for ASL-FFE competition.. They come with a basic stunt RGB core and don't have any sound features. • The Master series is devoted to cosplayers and collectors. Most of our models are movies inspired, and come with 3 different electronics options; RGBx, Xeno3 and the Proffieboard v2.2. • The Exile series is our highest grade series, entirely, meticulously designed and engineered by EndorLightsabers© in France and features the best and most advanced electronics in the world (Proffie 3.9, Schtok Custom Worx NPXL technology & components, KR Sabers PixelSwitch, Kyberphonic Soundfonts...). We design our own, custom made chassis, either made out of resin, steel, or brass, including a stunning Kyber Crystal Chamber. We put a lot of love and passion into those designs and each design takes months, or years to be finilized. Do you have a project ? Contact us :
  • What is "RGBx" and "XenoPixel" or "Xeno2," "Xeno3"?
    • RGBx lightsabers have a LED mounted into the hilt. The light goes through the empty polycarbonate blade. There are several soundfonts installed on the board and it features an eco smooth swing, flash on clash, blaster deflection... • The XenoPixel (Xeno2, Xeno3) lightsabers have hundreds of LEDs mounted in the "neopixel" blade which makes it very bright and realistic. If fact, the neopixel are the brightest and more realistic lightsabers on the market to this day. Also, the LEDs in the blade act independently so it allows for effects such as the "retractable blade", or the "unstable balde", and there are absolutelly no light loss. The also feature the most realistic and responsive smooth swing.
  • What is "bullet-tip" and "round-tip"?
  • What is "smooth-swing"?
    The Smooth-Swing is the ability for a lightsaber to adapt its sounds to the movements of the hand/hilt. It is very responsive and makes the lightsaber sound very accurate, like in the movies.
  • What is PixelSwitch?
    The PixelSwitch is a "neopixel" switch made by KR Sabers with a light that matches the blade's color. It means that your switch is always the same color as your blade.
  • Are your lightsabers duel-ready?
    Yes they are, however, we do not recommand the use of replicas (MASTER & EXILE series) for combats or stunts. Not that they are not strong enough, they can handle heavy dueling, the hilts are very robust and the blades are just insanely strong. But the soundboards such as the Proffieboard, Xeno2 and Xeno3 are little pieces of advanced electronics and are not designed to handle heavy shocks, this may result in damages on your electronics. If your intentions are to make heavy dueling, combats, stunts, we recoomand the use of our dedicated lightsabers in the APPRENTICE series. They are mounted with a stunt core specialy designed to handle such violent hits.
  • Do you have an email address?
    Yes of course ! Please contact us here:
  • Do you have a phone number?
    We don't have a phone service as it would require way too much time to deal with and it would definitely have an impact on the quality of our work
  • Transparency over Endor Lightsabers' prices
    Since 2023, we have decided to display our prices excluding taxes on our shop. This helps us see how much of taxes we have to declare to authorities, and this helps the customers see how much the products really cost, how much taxes each country applies, and the prices shipping companies apply. On the price of a product excluding taxes, 40% to 70% go to our suppliers (depending on the lightsaber's model). With the remaining part, we pay for logistics, advertising, electricity and internet bills, domain, name, accountants, social contributions and income taxes and other partners such as PayPal, Stripe... In total, we might secure a 10% net profit. We don't complain, we love what we do, and this is how it works. But we want to be fully transparent with our customers and make them understand that we are not here to make huge profits, but rather out of passion. The same passion we all share here. We have been able to continue this adventure we started back in 2021 and we are lucky to still be doing this even after covid. And our passion is still pushing us everyday to improve and develop this company.




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