More about us

Endor lightsabers is a team of science-fiction enthousiasts from France, and we heart everything related to a galaxy far, far away. Our goal is to bring affordable, yet realistic and enjoyable lightsabers on the European market. 

We were able to develop a very healthy, trustful relationship with our main partners; LGT Saberstudio, who allow us to mount/assemble very high quality sabers, at an affordable range of prices. They also allow us to design our own parts, components, models, and edit our own programs.

We hope you will find the lightsaber you are looking for, thank you very very much for embarking with us on this adventure.

May the force be with you all,

Endor Lightsabers

Our Partners

• Our first and main partner is  LGT Saberstudio who have been implanted on this market for a long time, and have the notoriety all around the world. They have their own installations and manufacture parts on a daily basis. 

They allow us to create and design our very own parts with almost no limits, which allows us toexpress our creativity. We will soon be presenting new models that we hope, will blow your minds. 

• Our second partner is Louis Calmeau. Louis is a French tailor and fashion designer. All his costumes are handmade and, while inspired, are of his own creation. 

He has been working for years with/for cinema, shows and amusement parks in France. 


If you're looking to build your own lightsaber, we recommand this address They have a ton of pieces and accessories for you to build your saber from scratch.