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We are proud to present to you our EXILE Series. This Series is entirely, meticulously designed and engineered by Endor Lightsabers© in France and features the best and most advanced electronics in the world.


This GFX-ll lightsaber features : 


• 2 functionnal PixelSwitch from KR Sabers©

• The latest NPXL v3 Blade Connector from Shtok Custom Worx©

• A library of soundfonts made by Kyberphonic©

• The best of all the soundboards in the galaxy; the Crystal Focus X from Plecter Labs©

• A powerful Li-Ion 18500 3500 mAh battery from Keeppower


We propose 3 different chassis :


• Our "Eco" chassis, made out of Resin

• Our "Eco Crystal" chassis, made of Resin, with Kyber Crystal Chamber

• Our "Full Metal" chassis, made of Brass & Aluminium, with Kyber Crystal Chamber


All our hilts are made of the strongest, 6063, spacegrade aluminium. The Exile Series does not provide any blades, this means that when you order an Exile lightsaber, it doesnt come with any blade. However, it is possible to order the NEOPIXEL 'BLADE BUILDERS' KIT by KR Sabers directly from our shop, in the "ACCESSORIES" section. 


All our sabers from the Exile series are designed to work with 7/8 blades. It is not possible to mount 1" blades. 


* When you place an order, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you don't see it, please check your spams. This email will contain your instruction manual.


** Please note that the time set when you chose the delivery option is for transport only. Orders time frames will depend on the options you chose, but may vary between 15 to 35 working days to be mounted, programmed and prepared, plus the time for transport. Our Metal Chassis, and the complexity of their designs make them true pieces of art but require time to assemble as there are thousands of parts. 


*** What is PixelSwitch ? The PixelSwitch has a neopixel LED that will mirror the color of your blades. This means that the color of your switch's LED will always be the same as the color of your blade. 


**** Prototype samples are shown.Product details may be subjected to change without further notice.




PriceFrom €540.00
Excluding VAT
  • Preorder

    This is a Preorder, this saber is estimated to be released in September 2023. Arrival date is an estimate and not guaranteed. Customers will be notified along the production process. 

  • Length

    310 mm

  • Handle Diameter

    33 mm

  • Material

    6063 Aluminium

  • Soundboard

    Crystal Focus X Plecter Labs (made in France)

  • Blade Connector

    Shtok Custom Worx NPXL v3

  • Switch

    KR Sabers PixelSwitch x2

  • Battery

    Keeppower 18500 3500 mAh


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